Track maintenance

Track maintenance

The special clip fastening and the rail shielding components optimised for this ensure optimum and unrestricted track maintenance work with conventional ballast tamping machines, ballast ploughs and sweeping machines.

However, it is important that the staff responsible on site are always aware of the fact that Calmmoon Rail is installed at the rail before this maintenance work is carried out.

Rail replacement

For work on the rail which requires the removal and, after completion of the work, the re-installation of the existing elements, the clips between the sleepers are simply released on each rail. After completion of the work, the dismantled Calmmoon Rail elements are quickly re-fitted.

Thermite welding

If welding is required on a rail fitted with Calmmoon Rail, then the Calmmoon Rail elements must be removed from the relevant section between the sleepers where the welding, e.g. thermite welding, will be carried out and from the two adjacent sections. Once the rails have cooled to a temperature below 80°C, the dismantled Calmmoon Rail elements can be re-installed. The same self-locking clip fastenings are used for the permanent and safe attachment.

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