Pultrusion process

The Pultrusion process is used for the production of FFU synthetic wood railway sleepers. In this process, the sleeper is produced by pulling the individual components of the material through a die.


Combining the components

Continuous fibreglass rovings with optimised surface are pulled into the die. A special polyurethane composition is injected into the die. This saturates the very dense fibreglass rovings completely without leaving pores. Then the correct amount of heat is supplied in a controlled manner and thus the highest quality is ensured with the pulling speed being monitored.

Zusammenführung Komponenten

Cutting to size and quality control

At the other end of the die, the finished FFU profile is pulled out continuously and subjected to controlled cooling. It is then cut to the required length and then its final quality is checked again.

Ablängen und Qualitätskontrolle
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