Railway bridges

FFU synthetic wood can be used on railway bridges technically and commercially just the same as conventional natural wood.
Installing FFU sleepers on railway bridges brings significant additional engineering design benefits in bridge construction and for the environment.

Practical application

In 2015 a respectable number of railway operating companies are already using FFU synthetic wood on track that adds up to well over 1,400 km globally.
FFU synthetic wood has been used in Europe since 2004, always to the complete satisfaction of customers.
Countries include Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia and Hungary.
FFU synthetic wood is always installed quickly, competently and accurately by professional railway companies and construction companies.

Maintenance intervals

Maximum availability of the track network is a primary goal for the majority of railway operating companies.
At the same time they must also observe not untypical maintenance intervals of bridge supporting structures, such as at Wiener Linien in Austria:

  • Corrosion protection after 30 years
  • Rail replacement after 30 years
  • Constructional steelwork after 50 years
  • Replacement of FFU bridge sleepers after 50 years

In implementing the above target values, prolonged track possessions leading to bad interruption of service does not need to be instigated by the railway operating company within the proposed next 50 years.

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