Working on a project

Working with FFU® on a project

FFU synthetic wood railway sleepers can be machined or worked on the project in the same way as sleepers of natural wood. Making bore holes, sawing, milling and chiselling FFU synthetic wood is possible with the use of standard tools.

Practical experience

Being non-porous as well as highly dimensionally stable ensure a long-lasting functionality of FFU synthetic wood and its screw connections.
In order to utilise these essential technical benefits compared to natural wood it is important that the specifications of the manufacturer are adhered to when making bore holes.
Advantages of FFU compared to natural wood are continuous glass fibre strands and closed pores.
The operating life of the tools used can be easily optimised by using WIDIA tools or boring tools for steel materials.
At any rate, the prevalent working regulations must be adhered to.

Worksite logistics

The specific weight of FFU 74 synthetic wood is approximately 740 kg/m3, thus offering the same advantages as natural wood for transportation to the worksite.
Dimensional stability together with milled grooves and false edges already generated at the factory allow on-site work to be performed speedily, accurately and safely.
The work effort and periods of track possession can be optimised so that the track is available again quickly for train operation.

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