Methods of repair

Repair of boreholes

Repair method using FFU™ 2C Quickfiller

For the filling and repairing of boreholes in FFU railway sleepers only
The Sekisui FFUTM 2C Quickfiller system is a 2-component reaction resin system based on polyester resin in a mixing ratio of 10:1. The two components are packed separately in a 410 ml 2-component plastic cartridge and dispensed under pressure via the attached static mixer using a cartridge applicator gun. The static mixer which is designed to achieve complete mixing of the product; no additional mixing is required to be carried out by the user. The Sekisui FFUTM 2C Quickfiller repair system is used to repair incorrectly drilled holes for the insertion of sleeper screws in Sekisui FFUTM synthetic wood sleepers. It does this by completely filling the incorrectly drilled hole with mortar so as to enable the sleeper screw to be reinserted correctly (this can also occur in the immediate vicinity of the repaired hole). Once the temperature-dependent curing time has elapsed, the repair system is fully operational and the sleeper screw can be

Temperature (subsurface) Processing time Minimum
curing time
Storage temperature: +5°C to +25°C Minimum shelf life: 12 months  
+ 5 °C to + 9 °C 25 mins 120 mins
+ 10 °C to + 14 °C 20 mins 90 mins
+ 15 °C to + 19 °C 15 mins 60 mins
+ 20 °C to + 24 °C 6 mins 30 mins
+ 25 °C to + 34 °C 4 mins 20 mins
+ 35 °C to + 40 °C 2 mins 15 mins
Cartridge temperature during
+5°C to +40°C  


Old and new boreholes in the same place or overlapping.
If the repair is to be carried out solely using FFUTM 2C Quickfiller in accordance with the work steps shown below, the drill hole repaired in this way can be processed like regular FFU synthetic wood following a curing time of 15 minutes.

Repair method using synthetic wood dowel and synthetic resin

Old and new boreholes are not in the same place/not overlapping
If the repair is carried out using an FFU synthetic wood dowel plus synthetic resin in accordance with the work steps shown below, the borehole being repaired can be processed like regular FFU synthetic wood following a minimum curing time of 4 hours.

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