Field measurement Gau Algesheim 2011

Acoustic measurement section of Deutsche Bahn

In the area between Bingen and Mainz near Gau Algesheim, there is an area on double-track line 3510 which completely meets the specifications for the standard for rail infrastructure acoustic measurements. In October 2011, innovative technologies for the reduction of rail noise were measured acoustically at this track on behalf of Deutsch Bahn.

Measurement station

The measurement station for Calmmoon Rail test setup was located on line 3510 of Deutsche Bahn between kilometres 6.85 and 7.45. The track consisted of ballasted track with concrete sleepers and rail profile UIC 60. Calmmoon Rail was installed over a length of 200 m. The measurements were carried out in accordance with TSI-CR-Noise at a distance of 7.5 m and 25 m from the centre of the track.

Noise reduction LpA,pb

The measurement of the acoustic rail roughness indicated that the rail roughness was in every case below the values of the ISO and TSI specifications. The track decay rate was measured in accordance with PBA (Pass By Analysis - STAIRRS) with a value of 6.3 dB/m. The noise reduction LpA,pb was measured as 1.9 to 4.4 dB depending on the type of train.

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