Chemical resistance

Very high resistance to chemicals

Since FFU has a closed cell structure, it does not absorb any moisture.
It also exhibits very high chemical resistance to oils, lubricants and contaminants from rail operations.
FFU retains is full function even on contact with artificial fertilisers, road salt and many other chemical substances.

Compatibility with water and soil

On 14 November 1994, the Japan Food Research Laboratories completed report OS57110607-1. It reported on the water quality test with FFU synthetic wood, based on regulation No. 69 of the Japanese Health Department. Its conclusion was that the immersion water as well as the control water met the water quality standards.

UV resistance & material protection

UV light does not have any effect on the technical characteristics of FFU synthetic wood. Where FFU is not painted, long-term UV irradiation only leads to a discolouration of the surface.
It is not necessary to use environmentally harmful impregnations for this very long lived material.

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