Technical characteristics

Field measurements

The first test of Calmmoon Rail took place in Hainburg, Austria in 2009. Due to the positive results, a long-term test in Deutsch Wagram was carried out at one of the permanent stationary measurement stations of ÖBB.
In 2012, Calmmoon Rail was measured by independent acoustic engineers on Deutsche Bahn track in Löf/Mosel and Gau Algesheim. Infrabel carried out satisfactory tests in Dudzele in 2014.

Final report Economic Stimulus Programme II - BMVI and DB AG

On 15.06.2012, the German Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), jointly with Deutsche Bahn, published the final report on Economic Stimulus Programme II. This examined innovative measures for noise and vibration protection along the track as part of actual projects.

It identified Calmmoon Rail rail web noise shielding as the most effective and economically most efficient technology of 5 systems examined, reducing noise by 3 dB on average.

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